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Bolshakovo (Chelyabinsk region)

Bolshakovo is a village in the Chebarkulsky district of the Chelyabinsk region of Russia. It is a part of the Kundravinsky rural settlement
1 Geography
2 Population
3 Streets
4 Notes
The village is in the central parts of the Chelyabinsk region, in the forest-steppe zone, on the banks of the Karasu river, at a distance of about 32 kilometers in a straight line to the south-southeast SSE from the city of Chebarkul, the administrative center of the district. The absolute height is 307 meters above sea level [2]
Time zone
The village of Bolshakovo, like the whole Chelyabinsk region, has found is in the MSC time zone + 2 Ekaterinburg time. The time applied relative to UTC is +5: 00 [3]
Population 2002 [4] 2010 [1] 346-320
Gender composition
By According to the 2010 all-Russian census, in the gender structure of the population, 50% were men, respectively - 50% were women. Ethnic composition - According to the 2002 census, Russians constituted 95% of the population [5]
Village street network consists of four streets [6]
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↑ Bol'shakovo eng GeoNames
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Bolshakovo (Chelyabinsk region)

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