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Critters (film)

fantasy, horror, comedy
Directed by Steven Herek
Rupert Harvey
Stephen Herek, Domonique Muir
Dee Wallace, Billy Zane, M. Emmett Walsh, Billy Green Bush, Scott Grimes, Nadine van der Velde
Operator - Tim Sorstedt
David Newman
Film company
New Line Cinema
Duration - 90 minutes
$ 2 million
United States
Next film
Critters 2 (1988)
ID 0090887
The release of the film Crab (original name - Critters)
The Critters (English The Critters) - Americans s fantastic comedic horror film of 1986, the first of four in the series about the attack Critters. The series was filmed by the film company New Line Cinema.
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“They devour everything so fast that you don’t even you have time to scream ... "
" This battle began in another galaxy, and will end in the backyard of the Browns ... "
" They do not do anything, they do not think about anything, they only eat and when you realize that this is not so, it is already too late ... "
In the depths of our Galaxy, Crabbies live - small and evil lumps that somehow resemble earthly hedgehogs. They flew in from far space to destroy our entire civilization — by eating it.
The Critters began their work on a conventional farm in Kansas, where they start to taste everything that moves. But in Space there are Space Hunters, whose goal is the fight against evil aliens. They can change their appearance and have weapons in their arsenal that are guaranteed to destroy Critters. On Earth, the Hunters find allies, among them - a bit eccentric, but a brave guy named Charlie. The combined actions of humans and Hunters lead to the defeat of Critters, but they manage to lay their eggs.
Dee Wallace-Helen Brown
M. Emmett Walsh - Harv
Billy Green Bush - Jay Brown
Scott Grimes - Brad Brown
Nadine Van Der Weld - April Brown
Don Keith Opper - Charlie
Billy Zane - Steve Elliot
Ethan Phillips - Jeff Barnes
Terrence Mann - Johnny Steele
Jeremy Lawrence - Rev. Miller
Lin Shaye - Sally
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Critters (film)

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