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Thirteenth tale

Diane Setterfield
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Atria Books
“The Thirteenth Tale” by English The Thirteenth Tale - Diane Setfield's debut novel Published in the UK in 2006, the Russian translation of Vasily Dorogupli was published by the Azbuka-Classic publishing house in 20071
1 Popularity
2 Criticism
3 The plot
31 The story of Adeline and Emmeline
32 The Secret of the Sisters from Angelfield
33 Decoupling
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For the right to publish a manuscript si auction was arranged, resulting in a royal fee was unusually large for a novice author: 800 thousand pounds of advance payment for the British edition, a million dollars for the American 23 Roman was translated into several dozen languages and was awarded the honorary name of the "new" Jane Eyre "by reviewers 4
In October 2006, the novel headed the list of bestsellers by the New York Times5 In Russia, the novel also became a bestseller in October 20076, but already in 2009, the columnist for the culture department of the Novaya Gazeta, Elena Dyakova, wrote: “who is now - sight - will retell Diana Setterfel's novel Thirteen Tale, which led the ratings a year ago. ”7
Criticize | Lev Danilkin spoke negatively of the novel and called grafomania: what kind of hungry bookworm do you need to be to sincerely enjoy this trash , thrice-shot milk, a parade of cliches, a fair of the most sickening writing tricks8
Georgy Lyubarsky found that “Thirteenth Tale” is quite in the spirit of “long English novels”:
It begins slowly and seems overflowing with boring details Then dial t speed Iron logic clings to every detail, connects signs, reveals hidden meanings, rushes to the end more and more: the remaining pages are less and less - there is a clue to secrets9
Galina Yuzefovich in an enthusiastic review for the Ukrainian edition of Expert notes the masterfully built plot and depth literary game:
"The Thirteenth Tale" is a bestseller, covering several readerships with carpet bombing10
Garry Gailit thinks the novel is written "famously and pragmatically manly" and compares "The Thirteenth Tale y "is not with the novels of the past and contemporary - with" The Da Vinci Code "by Dan Brown," Code Onegin "by Dmitry Bykov," historian "Elizabeth Kostova; finds Setmood postmodernist style, stylization and parody "in an elegant package":
This is a fashionable today fusion of scholarship and fiction, fiction and everyday writing, sentimentality and cruelty There is a lot of fancifully colored imagination in it that is not immediately distinguishable from reality Why, exactly read it so interesting11
Literary critic, columnist for the radio station Ekho Moskvy Nikolai Alexandrov believes that “book fantasies, the unprecedented nature of what is happening only set off the very real life problems - how image om human “I” acquires fullness and integrity ”12
The American magazine Kirkus Reviews notes the imitation of du Maurier, Wilkie Collins and the Bronte sisters, refuses the text in postmodernism, but“ forgives everything ”for the“ thrill of the narration ”, despite “Some excesses and sometimes improbability” 13
The plot is for a

A young woman named Margaret Lee works in a bookstore and enjoys literature and literary criticism; She published several literary works. Suddenly, she received an invitation from the famous writer Vida Vinter to write her biography. Margaret was surprised and confused: she is not known for anything special. Something that distinguishes her from other people: she was one of two twins, and her sister died, barely born they were Siamese twins, and the second sister, Moira, died when they were separated. Since then, Margaret's mother plunged into depression, and her father Margaret was really brought up by the theme of twins, and yyah wrote exactly about this Margaret takes on the book Types Winter, which until now was considered not worthy of consumer goods. She is surprised and fascinated It turns out that her father owns a rare copy of the first book Winter, which contains twelve fairy tales. But the book is called Thirteen Fairy Tales, and the thirteenth in it is not
The story of Adeline and Emmelin to correct
Margaret arrives at Winter estate, and from conversations with her gradually learns the unusual story of the writer's family Many years ago, the half-crazy brother and sister - Charles and Iza Ella Angelfield - living in her estate, spent the summer full of risky adventures Brother became the father of several illegitimate children, and her sister married a certain Roland March, and she had twin girls, Adeline and Emmeline. From documents, testimonies of other people, diary governess sisters - Esther - Margaret restores events Esther talks about her attempt to re-educate sisters who grew up almost without parental care. She notes that one of the sisters is normal and obedient, and the other is insane and aggressive, sometimes unexpectedly begins to show signs of rationality. Margaret arrives at the estate owned by Charles and Isabella and witnesses its destruction. In the ruins they find the skeleton of a woman. Margaret suspects that this is the governess Esther. Here, too, Margaret meets a certain Avrelius who was thrown to a single woman who lived sixty years ago It appears that Emmeline had an affair with an assistant gardener, and she became pregnant Adellina distraught from jealousy set fire and the estate Writer tells that she threw Emmeline's child - Aurelius - to a woman in the forest; She managed to save her sister from the fire and Emmeline, a deep disabled, lives with her sister in the same house. But the famous writer and Adeline March is not the same person. It turns out that she is the third sister from the Angelfield estate, whose existence no one suspected: illegitimate daughter Charles, uncle sisters and some of the local girls; she did not even have a name, and sometimes she pretended to be Adeline at precisely such moments to the governess that Adeline was behaving rationally. Vida Winter really saved one of the sisters, and the remains of the other were found on the estate. But until the end of her life, Vinter was not sure whom she pulled out of the fire - mad Adeline or good Emmeline As for the governess Esther, she turned out to just leave the estate after the scandal and successfully married the doctor, with whom they had four children. his confession yes Winter dies; her sister also quietly dies away Margaret reads the “thirteenth tale”, which has not yet been published: this is the story of Kind herself, a little girl that a good gardener and housekeeper Margaret Avrelius once found in the manor garden has finally learned the story of the sisters A young woman named Karen lives in the village: this is Avrelius’s sister, the daughter of a gardener's assistant, from whom Emmeline gave birth to Avrelius Aurelius and Karen find each other; Now they are one family. Margaret begins a love affair with a doctor who treated Vida Winter in the last days of her life. After learning the story of the March sisters, Margaret reconciles with her past. Once she is the ghost of her deceased sister, Moira: Margaret is happy - they, the sisters, finally, could to express love and care to each other
Screen adaptation

The novel adaptation project was initiated by the BBC Two television network, which is going to make a full-length television film from the book. Heyday Films was trusted by the film company, the script was written by Christopher Hampton, and re zhissorom was James Kent One of the main characters, the writer Vida Winter, played by Vanessa Redgrave, and her biographer Margaret Lee played Olivia Kolman1415 Also in the project have been busy Sophie Turner, Steven Mackintosh, Anthony Clark, Alexandra Roach, Emily Beecham, Michael Gibson, Tom Goodman -Hill, Lizzy Hopely and others16 The filming began in June 2013, and on December 30, 2013 the premiere of the 90-minute film “The Thirteenth Tale” on BBC Two17 channel
Notes to correct
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↑ Marina Zaionts In Russian, the world-famous bestseller of Diana Setterfield “Thirteenth Tale” was released Results # 42 592 October 13, 2007
↑ Although, for example, Elizabeth Kostova received for her debut novel “The Historian” in 2 million dollars, so Setterfield has not set a record
becomes British author becomes overnight millionaire as book hits top of US charts // London Evening Standard, 22092006
↑ BEST SELLERS - October 8, 2006 - List - NYTimescom
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↑ THE THIRTEENTH TALE by Diane Setterfield English Kirkus Reviews 12 September 2006 - “Setterfield has crafted It is a contemporary image of the genre of the genre of the genre of the Maurier, the Collins and the Brontës of the genre. The Thirteenth Tile filmed at the Burton Agnes Hall, near Driffield, East Yorkshire | Hull Daily Mail

Review by Telegraph, December 30, 2013
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Thirteenth tale

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Thirteenth tale

Thirteenth tale

novel Author: Diane Setterfield Original language: English Date of writing: 2006 Date of firs