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Umudova, Nargiz Mamedaga Kyzy

Nargiz Umudova Azerb Nåğárgiz Umudova; born June 20, 1989, Baku, USSR - Azerbaijan chess player, grandmaster 2015 among women As part of the women's national team of Azerbaijan, a participant of four FIDE chess competitions 2006–2012
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In 2006, she fulfilled the first norm of the international master among women. In 2015, she became a female grandmaster
As of April 2009, Umudova has a rating of 2224 and takes 379th place in the rating list of active chess players FIDE In the European rating list active chess players ranks 302 in the national ranking in 5th place. Personal life
In 2016, she married Tván Burg, the Dutch grandmaster [1]
Sporting achievements
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Personal card Nargiz Umudova on the FIDE website
Parties Nargiz Umudova in the base Chessgamescom engl Personal card Nargiz Umudova on the site 365chesscom eng
Speeches Nargiz Umudova at the Chess Olympiads
Speeches Nargiz Umudova at the world team championships
Speeches Nargiz Umudova at the European team championships
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Umudova, Nargiz Mamedaga Kyzy

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